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Health care tips: How to cure a sore throat

A sore throat is a common condition among many people and is often the result of a cold or a flu virus. Having this condition is often annoying. You may feel irritation on your tonsils, which can cause soreness. While the best way to avoid having a sore throat is to keep away from those infected with the common cold or the flu, it may be not always possible. Fortunately, you can use several sore throat home remedies. These measures to relieve irritation and pain;
Fluids are
Drink eight glasses of water every day will help the body to recover and hydrated if you have the flu. For example, drinking water can help decrease the amount of mucous secretions and relieve your tonsils. Try mixing honey and lemon with warm water, as this also helps to prevent the accumulation of mucus. Drink herbal tea can also help soothe and relieve the irritation. Avoid drinking liquids that contain caffeine because they will worsen without a doubt to your problem.
Gargling with a solution of salt water
Mix 8 ounces of warm water with 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Gargle the solution at least four times a day to relieve irritation. Gargling with a solution of salt water is one of the several home remedies sore throat suggested by doctors. There is inflammation, oedema, also known as if you suffer from a sore throat. These inflammations are the water and the bacteria that causes the disease. The solution eliminates swellings, draws water and eliminates bacteria. The solution also reduces swelling, making it less difficult to swallow and speak. It also stimulates blood flow in the affected areas, which reinforces the antibodies and rushes of recovery.
Use oral sprays
Throat sprays are also excellent solutions. These contain substances such as menthol and benzocaine can reduce pain and act as local anesthetics. They are also used as disinfectants because they get rid of the bacteria, causing inflammation and itching. They are available in convenient spray bottles you can bring everywhere wherever you go. Use as often as necessary or as recommended by your doctor - does not go beyond 20 ml or eighty sprays each day. Natural oral sprays are also available at local drug stores. These have natural such as bee propolis extract substances of Elm and clove oil and menthol. They are not as colorful or chemical preservatives. Consult your healthcare provider health how to cure a sore throat using these oral sprays.
Start using humidifiers or vaporizers
Humidifiers and vaporizers can increase humidity inside your space. These prevent the region from becoming dry and improve the flow of air inside your home. Humidifiers and vaporizers are recommended if you go to sleep with your mouth open. They can also help you to stay comfortable while recovering from a cold virus or the flu.
Take over-the-counter drugs
Drugs such as Tylenol and ibuprofen can help to minimize the irritation and pain because of a sore throat. Consume these medicines in four-hour periods to immediately alleviate irritations. Several doctors may also recommend pellets. Antibiotics are also needed to get rid of the bacteria that is causing the pain. Talk to your doctor how to cure a sore throat using these medicines to prevent a worsening of your condition.
Consult a doctor
See your doctor if your sore throat continues for more than a week, especially if your temperature is higher than 38 degrees Celsius. Consult your doctor before using remedies. Learn more about the home remedies different sore throat from your doctor.
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