Friday, October 26, 2012

How to cure a sore throat - medical research papers

I have had this sore throat for 2 days now. And I'm getting over it as I can't eat. Could you please tell me some ways to cure it
Why do you think you have a sore throat. The cure will depend to some extent on the answer.
Even if you are not sure, you should try out some home remedies. Take a vitamin C tablet. It may help.
Take a look at some home remedies at the website given below. Take a look at the causes there too. It may help in preventing future sore throats.
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Take stepsils or drink lemsip (warm lemon drink) or drink tea/coffee. This should sooth your throat for a bit. It may not be as good if the soar throat is really bad but it should help a little bit…avoid cold drinks and fizzy drinks! It will make it worse!!!
you should make a hot cup of tea and squeeze a lemon on it and gurgle with it and you can also drink (Anise-Spearmint)
personal experience
Depends on why you have a sore throat. Allergies? Infection? Post nasal drip? Without some clear story it's hard to say. Drink tea and gargle with salt water.
Gargle hot water with salt.
Drink hot tea.
Eat a lemon.
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