Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Cure a Sore Life123

If you want to know how to cure a sore throat in minutes, start by opening the kitchen pantry doors. You probably have everything you need for sore throat relief sitting right there on the shelf.
Learning how to cure a sore throat with items from your kitchen will not only bring nearly instant relief, it will also prove once and for all that some of the things we dismiss as old-fashioned ideas and old wives' tales should more aptly be referred to as miracle cures. For instance, vinegar is a miracle liquid. In the case of a sore throat, the cure you're looking for comes in the form of apple cider vinegar.
How to Cure a Sore Throat
Apple cider vinegar is the perfect cure for a sore throat. Pour three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and three teaspoons of honey into four ounces of warm water. Mix well and then sip, one tablespoon at a time. In most cases, you will find sore throat relief within minutes.Cayenne pepper is another great method for curing a sore throat. Mix about ¼ teaspoon red cayenne pepper in about three to four ounces of warm water. Gargle, then spit. Keep your eyes closed to prevent water droplets from splashing into your eyes and burning them. If you can stand it, try warm lime or lemon juice in place of water. If you have honey on hand, add one tablespoon.Gargling with warm salt water also helps. Make sure you gargle deep in your throat and also that you spit the salt water out rather than swallowing it. If you use a lemon and honey gargle, it will actually feel good on your throat if you swallow some of it before you spit.Though these cures work, it's not advisable to use them on youngsters. Babies, especially, should never be given honey, and children in general have a hard time swallowing or gargling spicy or acidic drinks. For a child, it's best to rely on Vicks Vapor Rub. Smear a tiny dab of Vicks on the child's chest or throat. If possible, have the child wear a turtleneck to bed to keep his neck warm and to keep the Vicks from smearing all over the bed.
Sore throats can be bacterial, viral, caused by an injury such as over-exertion or be of a more serious nature. If your sore throat lasts more than a few days, contact your physician. A throat swab will quickly tell if you have strep throat or whatever bug happens to be going around.

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